1. DT Security Solutions

    Hello here is another great app developed by Zesty App Services for a security firm in Cape Town, South Africa. The app is called DT Security Solutions and is available on Android and Blackberry. The apps helps users stay up to date with the latest criminal activity in the specific region and helps DT Security clients stay safe.

    Get the app by visiting the Zesty App Services website or you can download in on Android or Blackberry.



  2. Zesty App Services

    Zesty App Services is a mobile app development company based in South Africa that focus on developing affordable mobile apps for small to medium businesses. They work on a app package basis in a sense that they have different types of app packages for different businesses. You can visit them by going here: Zesty App Services and their client network can be found here.



  3. Emergency Numbers South Africa App

    TheĀ Emergency Numbers South Africa App is a get free app available on Android and Blackberry. This app contains all the emergency numbers for South Africa such as the police, Fire department, Ambulance, Doctors and Dentists numbers. The app also allows you to insert up to four of your personal numbers for a quick dial function. This app can be used to help kids, parents and almost anyone in need.


    Download it now!